How It Works

Three Steps to More Effective Workshops, Training, Meetings and Virtual Presentations is an incredibly simple tool to support workshops, training programs, meetings and virtual presentations and it’s free. Follow the three easy steps below and in just a few minutes you will have much more effective system for supporting communications.

One form, No Credit Card Needed

Launch a Free Virtual Parking Lot

Click the button below to launch a Virtual Parking Lot today at no cost and use the tips below:

  • You can add content when creating the initial parking lot. This will automatically generate an enrollment landing page that you can share with participants.
  • Parking Lots can be published across the platform or hidden so that you control who can find it and enrol.
  • Free parking lots can have up to 40 attendees and half a GB of storage.
Create a Free Virtual Parking Lot

Onboard and Update Associates with an Automated System

Share the Automatically Generated Enrollment Page with Attendees

When introductory content is loaded on creation, Virtual Parking Lots generate an enrollment page. Share this with your participants to provide them with an easy way to gain access to the platform. You can also add content and create these at anytime.

Create a Free Virtual Parking Lot

Subscription Tools and a Unified Interface

Allow Do the Rest

Once you have launched your parking lot and added your content, the platform does much of the remaining work. It automatically creates Q&A forums (parking lots) for discussions, subscription tools to help attendees personalize their experience, multiple enrollment and publishing tools, along with analytics and more. You can upgrade to support more users and storage space at a low cost at anytime.

Create a Free Virtual Parking Lot