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Park Questions in Virtual Parking Lots and Keep the Presentation Going

Workshops, presentations, training sessions and meetings frequently devolve into multiple, parallel discussions where various stakeholders have questions and concerns that go beyond the immediate goals for the gathering. For decades, professional facilitators have put those side discussions and questions into, ‘parking lots,’ so they could be addressed at a later time.

We made Virtual Parking Lots as a place to store critical questions and conversations alongside content and stakeholder profiles to support the resolution of ‘parking lot,’ discussions.

Lead More Effective Workshops with Virtual Parking Lots

A successful workshop generates poignant questions, new topics for discussion and a need for follow-up. VirtualParkingLots.com makes it easy to gather together a collection of related content through built-in wizards, connect questions, answers and topics of discussion to content and relevant stakeholders, while easily managing the conversation during the workshop and afterwards.

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Lead More Organized Virtual Presentations

Presentations often involve a significant amount of information with limited time for Q and A and open discussions. VirtualParkingLots.com makes it possible to share presentation materials with the group, collect questions in real time and address them when the time is right. This simple tool makes any presentation, whether it spans an hour or months, more effective and valuable for all stakeholders.

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Lead More Personalized Training

Most training is designed to meet the needs of a broad group. This makes it difficult to address every specific issue that participants of different types may face.

As a tool to support training programs, VirtualParkingLots.com can host all of your content with automatically created Q&A forums, multiple enrollment tools, subscription tools and more to allow for the delivery of training suited to a broad audience, along with support for specific needs across your stakeholder community.

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Lead More Professional Virtual Meetings

In addition to the numerous content and Q & A tools provided by Virtual Parking Lots, there is a robust system of analytics tools to help improve virtual meetings. Used in combination with video conferencing packages such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, Virtual Parking Lots supports content sharing and engagement analytics to determine the content that is reaching your stakeholders and the less critical content that may not be necessary.

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